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What is MyBit?

MyBit is a Decentralized Asset Management Platform that uses blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts to create a new asset class for decentralized Energy and AI infastructure. MyBit allows users to commoditize solar panel installation and other forms of renewable energy, investors and landowners can crowdfund the coming decentralized energy grid while investors get security on their investment.

MYB is an Ethereum-based token. All transactions on the MyBit platform are assessed a 1% network fee which is distributed to token holders based on their percent stake.

Genesis Date: 2018-12-07


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MyBit Key Financial Information

Mkt. CapUSD 1,061,763Volume 24HUSD 1,031
Mkt. Share0.00 %Available Supply148,298,201
Change % (1H)7.50 %Max Supply0
Change % (24H)4.86 %Total Supply179,996,750
Change % (7D)-1.16 %Proof
AlgorithmUpated: 9 months ago

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PewDiePie Promoting Crypto? What Is DLIVE & Is LINO Real Money?
Live Q&A w/ CEO of MyBit - Best Question Wins 100 MyB! Special Host XP

MyBit (MYB) Reviews & Critics

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  • This is a plan by China to rule the world using streaming! No, this is just a weird coin a think don't have future, because is easily to control by goverment and that is a huge problem and you show us a lot of red flags! Maybe Pew just make a mistake now.
  • They removed the free chest when you watch. They've put instead a chest that only the streamer can open. The chest accumulates linos by the streamer putting some linos and also accumulates automatically depending on the viewer amd chat participation I think. I'm not sure but I think this can still be inflitrated by viewer bots. Bots can just watch the large streamers all the time and get linos when the streamers opens the chest.
  • Such a candid channel, so undervalued! I need your advice Seth - I am currently volunteering for an NGO in India that uses skateboarding as a vehicle for social impact. We have loads of amazing video clips of Indian youth skateboarders doing their thing and we want to leverage social media blockchain rewards systems to raise money for their families. So far we’re testing a Dapp called Appics which uses the Steemit blockchain. Do you have any other platform suggestions for us? Cheers bro :)
  • Humanity must create an algorithmic currency of information.You have already have built a part of this with your Bitcoin.But you need to fold information into it.Imagine, an impoverished African country whose citizenry can "mine" their own currency by something as simple as a child drawing a picture of a leaf and writing about what it reminds him of and then folding it into algorithms.This money will liberate you from the NWO economic exploitation system of the Ael'Kayeen.Those who control the money supply on your world have already poisoned the discussion, convincing religious fundamentalists that currency like Bitcoin is "Satanic" and will usher in the age of an antichrist.This is a horrible and unconscionable lie.Information-based algorithmic currency is what we use to liberate entire worlds from unscrupulous speculators, banksters and money systems which derive their value from self-destructive ventures.These systems, like infections in the body, protect themselves by further poisoning the surface.You have seen the results firsthand.Those results are poverty, hunger, joblessness, crime, war, pollution, inhumanity to each other, religious fundamentalism, violence, nihilism, death....All this can change if you just take back control of the money supply.As for our currency, it is algorithms of information which can be decoded and used as applicable things.If you want to cut lose from these sociopaths who are running the world, think algorithmic information-based currency.Don't let a bunch of delusional people who think life was like the Flintstones 6000 years ago control the direction of your species.And don't let the nihilists con you into thinking that all this is an accident and that life has no meaning, either.The reasons that the clowns don't run the circus is because they can all crawl out of the car, but they can't drive it worth a shit when they're all packed in there together.
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