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What is DAO.casino?

DAO.Casino is a decentralized casino protocol, allowing eveloper to use Dao.Casino protocol, rather than work on its own, and less costly for a casino operator to provide better service for the players. This also allows gamblers to have a wider variety of games, rather than having the ones provided by one single casino. The aim of the DAO.Casino protocol is to eliminate single points of failure in the online gambling industry through the use of Ethereum smart contracts.

BET is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and it is used both as an ingame currency and as a reward token that can be distributed to all participants equally. All the participants contributing to the ecosystem in one form or another are automatically rewarded with BET to their accounts.

Genesis Date: 2018-10-05

Website: https://dao.casino/

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Mkt. CapUSD 0Volume 24HUSD 0
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AlgorithmUpated: 18 years ago

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  • Such a bad investment up until now, maybe now is the time to buy !
  • When i read through the White Paper of NLC2 I was searching for the financial group that was backing it up, but didn’t find anything? Whats your stand on that? “T. Fortes Investment Financial Group.”
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