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What is AidCoin?

CharityStars is launching a public token that will provide transparency in the nonprofit sector allowing individuals to track their donations on the AIDChain public ledger from the moment they make a contribution through the moment it goes to the final recipient. Through AidCoin's decentralized platform, charities record the use of funds on a distributed ledger, creating an immutable money trail. AID is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token used in CharityStars system.

Genesis Date: 2017-02-11


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Mkt. CapUSD 912,903Volume 24HUSD 161,470
Mkt. Share0.00 %Available Supply43,872,467
Change % (1H)0.55 %Max Supply0
Change % (24H)-7.86 %Total Supply100,000,000
Change % (7D)-12.67 %Proof
AlgorithmUpated: 3 months ago

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  • One must come to the reality that COIN games are not war games at all. They are Socio/Political games and me for one am not a big fan of them simply because they are boring and because they are NOT war games. They are hardcore over intellectualized series of meeple driven board games. I speak from a point of knowledge because even though I don't really care for them, I own three of them and have played another two of them. If one wants to take the time to learn how to play them, they can be alright. I am not a big fan due to the time it takes to learn nothing more than an over-glamourized boardgame. The subject matter is interesting but I just hate the mechanics and the solo game system. It makes me feel like I am not playing an opponent but a 'BOT'. The best one for me is Pendragon because of its original theme. Liberty or Death is also interesting but Fire in the Lake which many love, I personally find overrated. Nothing wrong with it other than it just put me to sleep. I know I am in the minority here but I just don't like the Coin series nor do like games like Churchill or Peracles because again, they really do not feel like war games. Not being a "wargame" is not a bad thing. Different strokes for different folks. But I do hate seeing these games being reviewed as if they are war games on war game sites. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.
  • great video guys, which one would be the best for solo?
  • I’ve only played 5 so far, but my ranking is; Falling Sky Fire in the Lake Colonial Twilight Liberty or death A distant plain. I love them all, theme and faction mechanics I just get on better with in terms of some of the higher ups.
  • My faves are Cuba Libre and Andean Abyss, for similar reasons to those stated by Alexander here - they're the "purest" COINs - no extra cruft in the rules, four independent factions all fighting eachother, everything's as straightforward as it can be in the system. I think CL just edges out AA but only because we're more likely to be able to finish a game of CL in one evening but I think I prefer the theme in Andean Abyss.I've played Colonial Twilight a few times and it's neat because it's a 2p COIN and we usually just have two players, but I'm danged if I can figure out what to do in it. The other COINs have a strategy guide included in their playbooks but CT doesn't, and I really suffer for the lack of that.I played ADP once and liked it. It does start to add complexity and allied factions though but it's not too bad. Would like to play it again at some point, and the theme is great too.I played Fire in the Lake once and... ugh. We'd only played AA and CL before we tried FitL and the jump in complexity was just too much for us. It's a shame because I'd love a complete Vietnam War game. I got rid of it but have since rebought it (years after the first attempt) because maybe I'll be able to handle it better now. But it's still one that I'm going to set aside til I feel we're ready for it.I had Liberty or Death but got rid of that too. I was only marginally interested in the theme but I didn't like how it was turning into a proper war game rather than actually a COIN (I wasn't keen on the Battles, I want my COIN to be more like "sniping from the bushes" like in CL and AA than pitched battles). Also wasn't a fan of the "two allied factions per side" concept either. The map was pretty though.I have Falling Sky but haven't played it yet. Probably won't touch Pendragon since it's (a) really complex and (b) they say it plays very differently from the other COINs. I have Gandhi on the way, hopefully that'll be good - not that interested in the other COINs in development (All Bridges Burning and People Power).
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