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What is SydPak?

SydPakCoin is a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency using the X13 algorithm. SDP plans to build many applications for the coin to be used on, like Strip Dice, an Auction Site, Mining Rig Rentals, and a PayPerClick (PCC) Site.

Genesis Date: 2016-09-08


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Mkt. CapUSD 22,258Volume 24HUSD 0
Mkt. Share0.00 %Available Supply160,729
Change % (1H)0.00 %Max Supply0
Change % (24H)0.00 %Total Supply160,729
Change % (7D)0.00 %ProofPoW/PoS
AlgorithmX13Upated: 1 year ago

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Epoxy Plywood Diesel Fuel and Water Tanks. Part I. SDP #46
Plywood bulkheads in home built wooden boat - SDP #44

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  • Hey great to see this channel. I am in the same situation looking for diesel tank solutions for my sailboat rebuild. BUT according to the information I got from West System/ Gougeon Brothers they can not longer recommend West System as resistive to diesel fuel. The reason for this is not the complexity of building - as you mentioned rich resin, post cure, double mixing etc - the reason is the amount of ethanol they are starting to see in Diesel due to the blending of bio fuel. Their testing showed that a 10% ethanol content was able to begin to break down the epoxy and emulsify it. Now the diesel in your local yard may not have 10% ethanol - but with the emergence of biofuels - particularly if you are cruising globally means that you are likely at some stage to have a high ethanol content diesel in your tank. For that reason Gougeon Brothers can no longer accept west system as a diesel tank material. So I've had to give up on this idea and are now looking at industrial tank coatings or vinyl ester. Are you able to share the link to the information you got regarding using west system for diesel tanks? Perhaps I was given a more recent document?
  • Scott Ensign Parker your PT 73 boat will be Great for patrolling the Great Loop
  • Please and with all due respect. Why?? Is this about "boat building" or is it your desire to someday live on a boat and cruise? This boat that you are building like many other boats much like this one are not ocean crossing boats. They are just not and for a lot of reasons and have serious limitations in this respect. Your introduction regarding this boat that you are building will take you anywhere in the world you might choose to go is flawed. Even if the boat were seaworthy enough and could carry enough fuel, water etc to travel worldwide, have you considered $$ fuel price? What if you lose your engine for ?? reasons, lets say?? mid ocean?? Believe me, I know something about this subject and should this happen, at best you are rescued but you must leave you boat for ever more!!!! Fuel cost, at $4 or $6 bucks a gallon for diesel, and who knows where this price might go??...$$$ adds up quickly. I admit that I am parcel to sailboats, but for a lot of reasons.....a sailboat was my home for a long time and we sailed all over. A quality sailboat will take you anywhere in the water world that you wish to go if you are sailor enough to do it. Many, many smaller sailboats have done this with just a couple aboard. Name me one trawler style boat that has done this?? Friend, buying 30 or 40 or 60 gallons of fuel in some isolated place for a sailboat is one thing, but refueling and maintaining your boat, even if it could travel halfway around the world fuel will be astronomically expensive. Holy cow!! Again, please don't take my comments as disrespect, but rather just honest reality?? Trust me here, there are a LOT of boats out there that are someones failed dreams. Why, ?? A ton of reasons, for some it wasn't what they thought it would be and $$$ issues etc.etc. but it leaves one with a real problem. Sorry, just being honest.
  • Thinking relatively small tanks for a sailing trimaran, verses a couple tons of fuel in a cruiser is a weak comparison. I'm not seeing any consideration for the weight in the framing (such as it is), and by your design, the tanks become an integral part of the framing, expecting flexibility in the boat's wood/glass design transferring to inflexible tanks. I appreciate the "go-for-it" intention, but its a bad idea. While the risk of failure may be low, there is none the less a risk with hundreds of gallons of fuel in the engine room bilge. Its a tragic and deadly failure mode. I like Patrick Paugh's bag suggestion a few posts earlier. Just think, you get to build your boxes, maybe even consider them secondary containment and you have the security of a real fuel cell. Watched some guys inspecting the bulkheads in an airforce fuel tanker...they had to move the, er, flexible bladders first.
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