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Mkt. CapUSD 245,367Volume 24HUSD 5,453
Mkt. Share0.00 %Available Supply18,867,629
Change % (1H)-0.65 %Max Supply0
Change % (24H)-20.12 %Total Supply18,867,629
Change % (7D)-29.83 %Proof
AlgorithmUpated: 8 months ago

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How to choose a coin/Cryptocurrency to invest in. AKA We dive deep into the Bitconnect Rabbit hole!
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TIME STAMPS BELOW FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY WATCHED THE FIRST TEASER VID. This vid was originally made in response to Crypto Brad and Chris ....

  • I noticed as you were looking at the People listed under the Bitconnect International PLC everyone is just about the same age about 34, which makes it seem like they were all hired under a specific set of guidelines by whoever it was that hired them and they probably never physically met anyone to interview, this could be my lack of sleep talking but I did find that a bit odd.
  • To make a confirmation statement, you must have notified us of changes to the:company’s registered officecompany’s directors (appointments, terminations of appointments, and director’s details – for example, service address or surname)company’s secretary (appointments, terminations of appointments, and secretary’s details – for example service address or surname)persons with significant control (becoming or ceasing to be a PSC, change of PSC details, or change of relevant PSC statements)location of the company’s registers (ie whether they are kept at the company’s registered office or at a single alternative inspection location (SAIL).It has nothing to do with a capital statement or TAX, those are required by April 2018, just to clarify this information. However I believe the 1st bitconnect will be struck off companies House, before April 2018 hence why the 2 new companies are formed. Also going from LTD to PLC you are passing responsibilities to new share holders if company was to fold.. I'm in the UK. However regarding this apparent BOT, you make a very good point regarding algorithm for daily interest its a Java script sort of thing to mimic BTC volatility.. I'm not a computer person so in regards to coding etc that's far above my skill sets.. Lol I would just like to say I see Bitconnect as a company that owns it's Shares/Stoke (Bcc Coin) and is its own Market Maker or Broker on the exchange which they also own, now could they hold liquidity and act as a Market Maker earning off the Spread from Ask,Bid,Last. Creating new markets. That analogy would be very very profitable, but grey area if legal or morally correct. Also the loan term lockup of 299 days to 120 days dependent on investment amount plays into Bcc hands, as the dollar value worth will always be higher when your capital release is due and thus less Bcc required to cashout to BTC. simple example if you did a $1000 loan at Q1 2017 it would of been 1000 BCC coins a dollar per coin. Currently today almost $150 a coin meaning 6/7 BCC coins covers that $1000 investment. Therefore Bitconnect has accured 993 coins from your loan equalling almost a profit of $150,000. The supply of Bcc coin won't diminish as required by investor to use for loaning to earn your approx 1% interest. Now if we also think of the interest from the loan that was implemented 6 months ago 180 days. If we are to be generous and say that's 180 Bcc coins in interest which clearly it's not as a $10 interest daily of $1000 won't be enough to buy a whole BCC at today's price but I'll keep it simple and infavour of investor that's still 813 Bcc coins Bitconnect has acquired from you original 1000 to lend out equalling $120,000 that's gone back into the eco system that is Bitconnect for current and future investors. Both parties are more than happy I've earnt a 1% daily interest, unheard of in real life banking bonds or Isa and Bitconnect happy as I've futhered the longevity of company. 3 years from now they will still exist and the dollar value of Bcc will be nearer $700 - $1000 so the above process remains. Not forgetting the spreads acting as the Market Maker on the exchange and small transaction fees.! In my eyes it not a Ponzi as you describe last in paying for first in. It's far more complex and has many layers, I've not even got into staking of Bcc coin for appreciation of value giving another income stream for Bitconnect. Basically to cut a long story short it's fine if there's no Bot. But to sell that to the average Joe, would be far greater task Wow that's the longest I've ever written a comment, but I just wanted to give my theory.!!! Clearly by now you would of guessed I'm in BCC, however I don't promote or have referrals and my initial investment I have made 90+% back from start of July. I took a chance on a $15,000 investment and I'd do it again.. This was my first ever introduction to crypto currency through Bitconnect which I'm pleased, I've caught the bug and brought other Alt coins for a 3/5 year HODL, got a ledger hard wallet, exodus wallet. Took part in an ICO, open a bittrex account (experience in forex,indices, crude oil day trading) in the real world let's say. Profited from crypto trading. Gained 5 BCH (free money) from my ledger wallet on hard fork. Finding this crypto life very interesting..Enjoying your videos, keep the great quality coming. If you want to knock Bitconnect that's your own entitlement. I disagree and maybe some points above might have you think of them in a slightly different manner. Sensible Sensila
  • Hey man. I am already invested in Bitconnect so its too late for me if it truly is a scam. I can just keep pulling my money out each day to avoid taking a huge loss. I was also curious if you know anything about Cryp Trade Capital or could look into it. Everything I have seen so far makes me believe its a legitimate company. Also, for your efforts, do you accept btc donations?
  • what about regal coin!!! it is bitconnect but with everything right that you just said was wrong with bitconnect!!!
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